Sub Information

Winning Isn’t Everything, But Making the Effort to Win Is.” – Vince Lombardi.

Sub Responsibilities

Click here to view your responsibilities as a Sub. 

Your Obligation as a Sub

We expect you to honor your League commitment.  Exceptions can be made for unforeseen circumstances, such as injury or personal emergencies. Failure to honor your commitment places an additional burden on the League leaders and jeopardizes the success of your fellow League players. Subs must remain neutral and play for the first Captain who contacts them, without showing preference towards any specific Captain or team.

Providing Your Availability

When you agree to Sub, you will be contacted by Annette Vogt, Assistant Commissioner for League Play, to provide your play availability. If your availability changes throughout the session, you must update your status by completing the Availability Update Form (coming soon). Click here (coming soon) to check your submitted availability. Failure to keep your availability updated could result in your not being able to continue as a Sub.

What to When You Agree to Sub

On your date to sub, arrive at the play location by 9:30 am to give your Captain peace of mind that you are indeed coming. It also ensures time for adequate warm-up. At the time you agree to Sub, note the following:

  • Name of the Player you will sub for
  • Name of the Team that you will support as a Sub
  • Name of the Team's Captain
  • Location of where you will sub

What to do If you CAN'T Sub Once You've Committed to a Date

If you cannot fulfill your sub commitment, you are responsible for ensuring a Sub is able to take your place. Follow these steps to help secure your replacement:

  1. Contact the Team's Captain, informing her that you can no longer sub. If you have difficulty reaching the Team's Captain in a reasonable period, email or call the Assistant Commissioner for League Play:  Annette Vogt, 215-692-0611
  2. When reaching out to the Team Captain, follow her instructions on securing a replacement player for yourself. You may be asked to contact potential substitutes from a list of names provided by the Captain, or the Captain may take it upon herself to find a suitable replacement.
  3. If you were asked to find the Sub, inform the Team Captain once one has been secured. The Captain will complete and submit the Sub Request Form so that the Master Sub Availability List can be updated.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

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