Men's 4.5+ Advanced League Overview

The purpose is to provide a centralized league where 4.5+ rated men can have fun while playing at the highest level of pickleball in The Villages. Play is structured for individual development in a competitive environment while showing respect for all participants. 

“A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.” – George M. Moore Jr.

Thursdays: 10A @ Bradenton


All men are eligible as long as you are a resident of The Villages (full-time or seasonal), aged 50 or older with a Pickleball Rating of 4.5+.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Steve Campbell at (314) 283-8028. 


The winning team will be awarded the Dickie Hasbin Trophy in honor of Dick Scott.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Attendance, Late Arrival, No Show Policy

Play starts at 10am. If a player is more than 10 minutes late and a sub has not been found, their first match will be forfeited. If the player fails to show by the start of the second match and no sub has been found, then their second match shall be forfeited as well. In either case, that player will be tracked as a No Show. A single No Show may result in removal from the league as determined by the Commissioner. More than one No Show will result in automatic removal from the league.

Play Suspended, Time-Out, Behavior Policy

One timeout is allowed per game. Hydration stops are allowed as needed. Medical timeouts are always allowed (15 minutes). If a player is unable to continue after their medical timeout, then any unfinished and unstarted games are forfeited.

Bullying, threats, or physical altercations will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the league.

If play is stopped due to weather, all completed games are counted and unfinished games are not.  Rainout dates are not rescheduled. 

Subbing Policies

1) Teams may select a permanent replacement for the remainder of the season. As necessary, subs can be brought in on a weekly basis.
2) If a sub turns down a request to play for a Team, they may not play for another Team that same week.
3) Subs must meet the same eligibility guidelines by being a valid Village resident, aged 50+ with a Pickleball Rating of 4.5+.

4) If both members of a team require subs, then the wins and losses for that week do not count toward movement in rankings.  However, their opponent wins and losses do contribute toward rankings.

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