Refereeing in The Villages

The Villages has been training pickleball refs for over 10 years. We were on the ground floor when USA Pickleball introduced their Referee Certification program in 2015. Our trainers can prepare you to ref at every level of play: local recreation level games and tournaments, Level 1, Level 2, and USA Pickleball Certification ready.

Referee Training and Practice Sessions

First Monday of each month 2:00 pm at Bradenton Courts

  • For New Refs with no previous training
  • Refs needing a review of how to use the Scoresheet and Scoresheet Clip
  • Experienced Refs, Practice Reffing Games

Last Monday of each month 2:00 pm at Bradenton Courts

  • Experienced Refs, Practice Refereeing Games

Experienced Referees Can Ref or Shadow

To Ref or Shadow Ref at Monthly Villages Tournaments, click the button below. Sign Ups are available the FIRST Friday each month.

USA Pickleball Resources

Everything you need is available on the USAPA Website. Intro video, Rule Books, New Rules Revisions, Official Scoresheets, Rules Tests. Resources with ” * ” require USA Pickleball Membership for access
(Referee Handbook and Casebook).

Whether or not you decide to become a Level 1, Level 2 or Certified Ref, we highly encourage you to become a USA Pickleball member to support the governing body of our sport AND to gain access to many resources ONLY available to members.