PCVG Rating Clinic


We currently have over 4,000 rated players in The Villages.  Our ratings clinics rate players by their ability.  They are judged on their aptitude with a variety of shots such as serves, return of serve, volleys, dinks, forehand and backhand.

Register online at 8:30 PM on the Friday before the second Thursday of each month.

PCVG Rating Clinic Overview

  • Rohan Recreation Center – Pod B
  • PLEASE REVIEW the Rating Descriptions to help you understand the skill expectations for each rating level
  • The 3.0 & 3.5 Rating Clinic at ROHAN Rec Center is specifically designed for UNRATED players who have been playing pickleball for 3 or more months, have (preferably) attended pickleball instructional programs and drills and are ready to be rated to play in more organized tournaments, leagues, and drills.  Currently rated players with less than 3.5 ratings are also eligible to participate in this ratings clinic as this clinic focuses on the skills needed to play pickleball including serves, forehand and backhand ground strokes, dinks, and volleys as well as knowledge of scoring and court positioning. Game play is also included. The highest achievable rating at this clinic is 3.5.
  • Anyone seeking a 4.0 rating or higher is encouraged to participate in the DUPR camps to achieve a rating higher than 3.5.
  • You must have a RESIDENT ID to be eligible to participate in a ratings clinic.  Individuals with Guest IDs are not eligible.
  • Eye protection and court shoes are REQUIRED for participation.
  • The link to register will be live at 8:30 PM on the Friday prior to the second Thursday for the 3.0 & 3.5 ratings clinic at ROHAN. 

What to Expect on Rating Day

Rating Clinic Process 

  • Your Resident Village ID is required to check in (individuals with Guest IDs are not eligible to participate).
  • Check in will start 15 minutes prior to the session that you signed up for.
  • Eye protection and court shoes are required.
  • While players are being rated, spectator access is limited.

 Important Information

  • Your Skill Sheet shows your “Current Villages Rating”. If one is “Not Listed” on the PCVG website, it will show “0” or “NR”. Your desired rating WILL be shown. This rating is used to assign you to the appropriate court for your Rating assessment.
  • PLEASE address any “on court” procedure concerns during the session with your Raters. We will assess your comments and take the appropriate action immediately. 
  • YOUR NEW RATING will be posted on our website–NOT given on court. Please allow us 48-72 hours to post it.
  • REQUEST a copy of your rating sheet. This is available for 7 days after your rating is posted on the pickleballcommunity.com website.
  • Three (3) months must elapse after your most recent rating before you can sign up again. This allows you time to improve your skills and others an opportunity to sign up.
  • Also, if you do not delete your sign up by noon the day prior to the rating clinic OR you do not show up for the rating clinic you signed up for, you are not eligible to sign up again for 3 months.
  • All PCVG ratings awarded after June 1, 2024 will be valid for 5 years.

Appeal Process

Every pickleball ratings system out there, despite best intentions, is likely to occasionally “get it wrong” and ours may experience “wrong” outcomes from time to time as well. If you feel your rating is not an accurate representation of your pickleball ability (not potential ability), then we have developed an appeals path that you can follow.