Improve your game through participation in stretching, strengthening, and balance drills that are then incorporated into pickleball play. This is an active and fun way to play pickleball!

Saturday: 10:00AM @ Rohan

Pickleball Warriors

Signup goes live on Saturday nights at 8:00PM.

  1. You must have a 3.0 / 3.5 rating.
  2. After completing one year of the program, we’ve learned what works and made some changes. Yes, we will still have the music of course and the fun that you expect; however, we will be focusing more on the drills that will make you a better player. This will help you play a stronger game.
  3. The sessions will be more like Drill and Play that you are accustomed to but with music and a couple of twists.
  4. We will play fun and regular games that will incorporate the drills we work on.
  5. You may sign up for the Warrior class even if you have taken a Drill and Play class during the same week.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the new format from participants that have taken the class in the past. Please come out and join in the fun! If you do decide to come, come with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. The program was designed to put a smile on your face and to make you a stronger and better player.