Drill & Play

The PCVG offers a variety of 'Drill & Play' groups for players of all skills and interests. for players of various levels. Level up your game, increase your fitness or get tournament ready. Drill & Play clinics also offer an opportunity to practice new skills in game-like situations. Days and locations vary by group. Click the buttons below to learn more about each clinic.

Be Aware

  • If you sign up to attend Drill and Play, you need to be aware that you must show up or cancel by noon the day prior to the session.  If you do not cancel, you will not be allowed to participate in Drill and Play for 10 weeks.  Players who do not show up deprive other Drill and Play enthusiasts from participating.
  • Eye protection and court shoes are required for participation.
  • Drill and Play sessions may be cancelled due to weather related issues. If Drill and Play is cancelled, you will receive an email from Sign Up Genius about 9:00AM prior to the session you signed up for notifying you of the cancellation.  The appropriate Rec Center will also be notified at 9:00AM of any Drill and Play cancellations.