Mixed 4.0/4.5 League Overview

The 4.0-4.5 Advanced Team Mixed Pickleball League currently has two seasons each year, one in the Fall and one in the Winter.  This league plays on Wednesdays at 10 am at Rohan. The Fall Season begins in early October and runs 10 weeks until mid-December.  The Winter Season begins in mid-January and runs 10 weeks through March. 

The Fall season begins October 2024. Registration is now open!
To register for the Fall season, click the below Register Now button.

Winter 2024 Winners: Captain Sal Aparo and his Pickleholics

Winter 2024 Winners:

Captain Sal Aparo and his Pickleholics.

Winter 2024 Runner Ups:

Captain Ken Kozlowski and his Rohan Ravens.


The league has been in existence for many years and continues to adjust to the needs of the advanced players in The Villages.  It is under the direction of a non-playing Commissioner and offers an opportunity to participate in a competitive team atmosphere that is both fun and challenging.

Players and subs from the previous season will receive an email with complete registration information.  If you have not previously participated and are interested in this league, please complete the Mailing List Form below. 


For Fall 2024, there will be only 72 rostered players in the league:  6 teams with 12 players per team (6 men and 6 women).  There will no longer be 14 players per team. 

Each week, each player will play 6 games in two rounds with two different partners. The first round is three games of same sex doubles. The second round is three games of mixed doubles. Matches will be played on Wednesdays from 10 am to 11:50 am  at Rohan Recreation Center (if all courts are available by then).  If not, Aviary may also be used. Each team will have a Captain who will strategize and select the best lineups for that week’s play. The league mandates that the Captains pair their best players against the opponents' best players to create competitive games for all. Players may not play with the same partner two weeks in a row. 

Results will NOT be submitted to DUPR.

Pre-Season PLAY DAY

All players and subs are invited to participate in the Pre-Season Play Day; however, this is NOT a requirement to be included on the Draft List.  The Play Day is a unique opportunity for new players to intermix with players from the previous season and become acquainted with the league captains.  Players will receive court assignments and will participate in “mini games” on their respective courts.  This process will be under the direction of the League Commissioner, captains, and a few volunteers, and will be conducted from 10am-noon on the designated Play Date.


1) 50 or older
2) a resident of The Villages, and
3) listed in The Villages Pickleball Rating system with a current rating of 4.0 or 4.5, or have a current DUPR rating of 4.0-4.99. A minimum of 30 games recorded in the DUPR system is required.

If you cannot be available for at least 7 of the 10 weeks, players should sign up as a sub.

Selection Process

Players will be drafted by the 6 team captains from the Season’s Draft List which is created from all eligible residents who have completed the Registration Form.  The draft will occur approximately 5 days prior to the first day of league play, under the direction of the League Commissioner.  Rostered players will be notified by their respective team captain within 48 hours of the draft. 

Players who were not selected on a specific team will receive email notification confirming their placement on the Sub List, unless a player has indicated otherwise in their registration process.


Prior to the start of each season, a Registration Form will be sent to everyone who is on the League's Mailing List.