Women's 4.0 League Overview

Winning Isn’t Everything, But Making the Effort to Win Is.” – Vince Lombardi.

Thursdays: 10A @ Rohan & Everglades

Mission Statement

The Women’s 4.0 League mission is to provide 4.0 rated women pickleball players a structured venue for competitive and balanced "team" play.

The focus of the League, though, extends beyond competition. It includes an opportunity for the players to share their enthusiasm for the game, help one another improve, build team camaraderie, and emulate good sportsmanship.

The goals of our play format are to create teams with “balanced” skill competencies and to foster a competitive spirit while championing having fun playing the game.

League Leadership Team

The Women’s 4.0 League Leadership Team is comprised of women who dedicate their time, talents, and passion to pickleball. They consist of Betty Sullentrup, who serves as the Commissioner, along with Annette Vogt, who serves as the Assistant Commissioner of League Play. The Captains include Deb Halterman, Vicki Hesselgrave, Tracy McKenna, Anita Poynter, Meta Smith and Jan Witt, who all bring unique skills to the Leadership Team. Lee Anne Cook is the League’s Social Event Coordinator. Together, the Leadership Team works diligently to ensure the League’s success.

League Membership

League membership is open to women who are residents of The Villages (full-time and seasonal), who are 50 or older, and who have a verified 4.0 skill level rating by the PCVG. Click here to access the PCVG Ratings document. In addition, a DUPR rating of 4.0-4.499 with a minimum of 30 games recorded in the DUPR system is accepted. Though, the League will not enter match results into the DUPR system. Also, one’s name must be on the League’s Membership Roster. Click here to see if your name is listed on the current Roster. To add your name to the Roster, if needed, click the League Membership Request Form button located below.  

League Requirements

As a full-time team player, you must be able to participate in 75% of the play dates. The Commissioners may grant exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

As a Sub player, you must strive to play when called upon. We want to avoid the situation whereby a Sub is contacted and she says she cannot play. Subs must also keep their play availability updated. Failure to keep your availability updated could result in your not being able to continue as a Sub.

Click here (coming soon) to view the Full-time Player & Sub Requirements guide.

Code of Conduct

Our 4.0 Women’s League members are reminded that our goal is to provide an environment where all players can play the game to the best of their ability and, most importantly, have FUN while doing it. All members are expected to abide by the following guidelines. The League’s Leadership Team will address violations by adhering to the criteria set forth in the Code of Conduct Disciplinary Action guide. Click here to view the League's Code of Conduct.

Team Balanced Play

Our current format is Team based. The number of Teams depends upon the number of signups.

“Balanced” play is a primary focus for our League. Our League is committed to being inclusive and welcoming to all players, with a 4.0 rating. We focus on providing competitive play and the opportunity to build new friendships while maintaining existing ones. We acknowledge that there are varying skill levels within our 4.0 group. Our Leadership Team uses a variety of feedback to ensure that all players have an enjoyable and challenging experience. Player assessment is performed throughout the sessions and serve as input into the Team balancing process. To learn more about our League’s balanced play approach, click here.

Team Formation

Our Team selection process is designed to be completely impartial and fair. The League's Leadership Team randomly selects names and then works together to ensure that the Teams are balanced. We take this approach seriously and believe it is the best way to create a positive team environment where everyone has an equal chance to shine. 

Play Format

Our play format consists of three rounds for a total of 5 games, playing with three different partners throughout the day. The first two rounds of play place similarly skilled players on the same courts—again to achieve balanced games. The third round of play is unique because it features a pairing system designed to develop a collaborative environment where team members with diverse skill sets partner and build camaraderie. We feel this approach will greatly improve teamwork and ultimately lead to greater success on the court.

Join Our League

If you wish to join the 4.0 Women's League and if you meet the League requirements as outlined above, click the League Membership Request Form button.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

In preparation for the Fall 2024 session, the documents below are not yet available.

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