4.0/4.5 Advanced Mixed League Registration

Fall 2024 Season

It is time to sign up for the 4.0/4.5 Advanced Mixed League’s Fall 2024 season. Sign up will take place between ??? and ???.

This League plays on Wednesdays at 10 am. The Fall 2024 season begins ?? and runs through ???. 

There will not be a limit to the number of signups. Players will be selected using a draft process. Six teams will be formed.

Note: Results from the Fall 2024 season's League play will NOT be entered into the DUPR system.

To be eligible to participate in the Fall 2024 season, one must meet all of the below requirements:

  1. Be 50 years of age or older

  2. Be a resident of The Villages

  3. Be listed in The Villages Pickleball Rating system with a current rating of 4.0 or 4.5, or have a current DUPR rating of 4.0-4.99. A minimum of 30 games recorded in the DUPR system is required. Click here to access the PCVG Ratings document.

If you meet the requirements, click here to sign up for the Fall 2024 League season. 

If you have questions about the League, please contact Ken Kozlowski (352-445-1658; kenkozlowski131@gmail.com).