Intro To Pickleball Series

Introduction to Pickleball has 4 steps and is for people just starting out in this fun and fastest growing sport in America. It includes a Virtual Classroom, Intro to Pickleball Part One, Beginner Mentored Play, and Intro to Pickleball Part Two. All classes must be taken in order and protective eyewear and athletic shoes are required for on court play.  Paddles and balls will be provided.

Intro to Pickleball Series:

Please complete the course in the following order:

  1. Virtual classroom
  2. Intro to Pickleball Part 1 and then be advanced by the instructor to the Beginner Mentored Program (BMP).
  3. BMP, attend up to 5 BMP sessions and then be advanced by the mentor to Intro to Pickleball Part 2. Some players may be advanced with less than 5 BMP sessions.
  4. Intro to Pickleball Part 2 and then be advanced to the Clinic Series after a recommendation by the Intro Part 2 instructor.

Step 1: The Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom sessions are held virtually and must be viewed in their entirety before attending Intro to Pickleball Part One. The videos include the following topics:

  • Physical demands
  • Fitness requirements
  • Safety Procedures
  • Etiquette
  • Rules/Scoring
  • Equipment needs

Intro to Pickleball On Court Classes - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

These sessions are all free, can be taken as many times as recommended by the instructor and must be taken in the order listed below. Click on the 'Schedule' button to learn when these classes are taught and their description. Click on the class to learn more and register. All signups begin 7 days prior to the next scheduled class at 8:00PM. If classes are cancelled because of inclement weather, you will need to sign up again for a future lesson. 

Normally classes are cancelled 1 hour prior to start times for weather. If you need to cancel a reservation for any class, you must cancel 24 hours in advance using the same sign in procedure you used for that specific class.

Step 2: Introduction to Pickleball Part One

Prerequisite is Virtual Classroom video above. Students will learn the physical demands of the game, as well as balance, footwork, and movement. Through eye-hand coordination drills & paddle drills they will learn paddle & ball interaction. Learning basic serves, ground strokes and dinks will prepare them to play. This class is designed to be repeated to help players become comfortable and safe. Instructors will advise students when they are ready to move on to beginner mentored play.

Step 3: Beginner Mentored Play

BMP is designed for unrated beginners or players with a PCVG rating of 2.5 or below. BMP is provided for beginners only and is designed to have fun, build confidence, and learn to play pickleball safely. Students will attend 5 BMP sessions. Qualified Mentors will be provided to help the beginner player achieve their goals on the court.

Step 4: Introduction to Pickleball Part Two

Prerequisite is Intro to PB Part One and referral from BMP mentor. Students will be taught how to practice and drill on their own through a series of drills. Focusing on the strokes learned in On-Court introduction to PB part 1, the students will dink, serve, and hit both forehand and backhand ground strokes. Some students, with advanced skills, may be taught additional strokes. Instructors will advise students when they are ready to move on to Skills Clinics.