Women's 4.0 League Registration

Winning Isn’t Everything, But Making the Effort to Win Is.” – Vince Lombardi.

Fall 2024 Season

It is time to sign up for the 4.0 Women’s League’s Fall 2024 session. Sign up will take place through August 7th.

The Women's League plays on Thursdays at 10 am. The Fall 2024 Women's 4.0 League session begins August 29th with the Meet & Greet session and runs through November 7th. 

There will not be a limit to the number of signups. Players will be selected using a random draw process. The number of teams formed will be based upon the signups, realizing that all who sign up may not make a team.

To join the Fall 2024 session, four requirements must be met as outlined below.

  1. League membership is open to women who are residents of The Villages (full-time and seasonal) and who are 50 years of age or older. If you turn 50 years of age any time in 2024, you are eligible to participate in the League.
  2. Players must have one of the following two ratings. Click here to access the PCVG Ratings document.
    • 4.0 PCVG rating
    • 4.0-4.499 DUPR rating with a minimum of 30 games logged at the time you sign up to play in the Spring league
      Note: Results from the Fall 2024 League play will NOT be entered into the DUPR system.
  3. Your name must be on the League's Membership Roster. Click here to see if your name is listed on the current Roster. To add your name to the Roster, if needed, click here to complete the League Membership Request form.
  4. You must acknowledge that you have read and understand the League's Code of Conduct and the Full-time Player & Sub Requirements. During signup, you will be asked to confirm that you have read both documents. Ensure you read the documents prior to opening the signup form. 

If you meet the requirements, click here to sign up for the Spring 2024 League session. Click here to view who has already signed up (allow up to 8 hours after sign up for the list to update).

If you have questions about the 4.0 Women’s League, please contact Betty Sullentrup (636-346-5811; bsullentrup@gmail.com) or Annette Vogt (215-692-0611; annette.m.vogt@gmail.com).